Moving Forward Together


Dieter Ernst, Plant Foreman, Porsche, Zuffenhausen (photo)

Dieter Ernst (55) has worked at Porsche since 1983. Having initially worked in boxer engine construction, he has spent the past ten years coordinating the repair and maintenance of machinery and equipment at the engine plant in Zuffenhausen: “The name Porsche has always had a special ring to it – a family company that has a very strong commercial focus without neglecting social aspects,” says Ernst. “And as our company became more successful, its reputation reached even greater heights.”

One of the key factors behind this success was Porsche’s production improvement process, which was introduced in the 1990s: “Since then, optimizing our procedures and concentrating on effectiveness has been a part of our everyday activities,” says Ernst. “Now, together with Volkswagen, we will see how we can learn from each other. But one thing is for certain: Porsche will always be Porsche.”

“Learning from one another.” Dieter Ernst, Plant Foreman, Porsche, Zuffenhausen (quotation)


Christine Keevy, Electronic Engineer, Volkswagen of South Africa, Wolfsburg (photo)

Christine Keevy (25) plans paintshops for new Volkswagen production lines. Keevy, a native of South Africa, is taking part in the staff development program known as “Wanderjahre”, which allows young Volkswagen employees to gain experience abroad. At present, she is working at Volkswagen in Wolfsburg. She has high expectations of the merger between Volkswagen and Porsche: “The two companies are an ideal combination.” She feels that Volkswagen stands for model diversity, global presence and a healthy cross-section of car brands working together within the same Group:

“Volkswagen is good at sharing existing knowledge within the Company and making it available to the various Group brands.” And Porsche has succeeded in building the world’s most prestigious sports car. “Needless to say, the two companies are different – but we both share a passion for cars.” Keevy is also happy to have found a reliable employer that is continuing to enjoy steady growth: “For me, that is a welcome feeling of security, especially in difficult times.”

“Brought together by a shared passion for making cars.” Christine Keevy, Electronic Engineer, Volkswagen of South Africa, Wolfsburg (quotation)


Heinz Pickhard, Engine Development, Audi, Ingolstadt (photo)

Heinz Pickhard (43) develops engines at Audi. At present, he is adapting the 2.0-liter turbo engine conceptualized in Ingolstadt for other Group brand models: “The platform strategy is one of the Group’s main strengths,” says Pickhard. And with the integration of Porsche, the model range will be even greater: “Naturally, we are proud that Porsche is also using our engines in its cars.”

Even before the merger, Volkswagen and Audi had developed cars together with Porsche. Pickhard expects development engineers on both sides to work together even more closely in future. This is especially true for fundamentally new developments like hybrid technology: “A major corporate group like Volkswagen can try out different systems with its various brands.” And, at the same time, it can make use of as many synergies as possible in order to render the cost-intensive electrification processes more affordable: “This will be the case even more when Porsche is on board as well.”

“The development partnership is set to become even closer.” Heinz Pickhard, Engine Development, Audi, Ingolstadt (quotation)
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