Mobility research

An efficient mobility system is vital for the proper functioning and development of economies. Road transport, the most important mode, makes both people and goods mobile. In transporting them, it offers flexibility, individuality, quality and almost unlimited accessibility. However, it also places our roads under an increasing or too great a strain. In many places, the global trend towards urbanization is exacerbating traffic and environmental problems.

Volkswagen devotes time and energy to fundamental and general issues surrounding mobility and transport. We aim to open up new dimensions in road transport and thus play an active role in shaping a sustainable mobility system. Together with partners in academia, industry and politics, Volkswagen is constantly developing innovations that improve the flow of traffic. One current example is the roadworks navigator. Here, vehicles join together to form a virtual group and generate information on roadworks and traffic conditions. Special driver assistance systems such as distance and speed control units then optimize driving at traffic bottlenecks, enabling congestion to be reduced or even avoided.

One important finding from our work is that separate solutions are not enough to make the transport of the future more sustainable. Rather, this demands a number of interconnected solution components comprising vehicle and transport technology. In the future, Volkswagen will continue to seek solutions that make transport more environmentally compatible and efficient.

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