Procurement risk

The global economic crisis has led to the supply situation on the commodities markets easing considerably, due to the drop in demand at the beginning of 2009. Strategic supplier selection in this market phase led to new contracts being signed. Volkswagen is continuing to observe the market environment and market developments closely, so as to be able to react in good time if necessary. In addition, it is working at high speed on ways of reducing materials usage and increasing utilization rates. We are also systematically pursuing lightweight construction strategies, such as substituting existing materials by optimized application-specific alternatives.

The decline in sales volumes associated with the global economic crisis has further increased consolidation in the international automotive supplier industry. Volkswagen AG adapted in good time to this situation by establishing and expanding its comprehensive procurement risk management system, which puts particular emphasis on risk prevention. Risk management continuously monitors suppliers’ economic stability. If there is evidence of negative developments, the appropriate measures are taken to ensure supplies and reduce additional risks. To date, ongoing risk classification and risk monitoring has enabled us to avoid supply risks due to supplier defaults.

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