Equal opportunities and family-friendly HR policies

Volkswagen has been actively promoting gender equality and compatibility between work and family for quite some time. The Volkswagen group for the encouragement of women at work celebrated 20 years in existence in 2009. One of the Company’s goals is to continue to increase the proportion of women from 14.2% in all fields, but especially in management, where currently 9.9% are female. In 2009, women accounted for 30.4% of the new trainees taken on by Volkswagen AG and for 21.8% of university graduate hires.

Since 1998, a mentoring program has been in place at Volkswagen in which managers assist female high potentials on their journey towards management. Having been through 16 cycles with a total of over 290 participants, this initiative has proven to be a useful HR development tool in the Volkswagen Group. Our development project for female skilled workers – Female Master Mentoring – aims to increase the number of female supervisors at Volkswagen. At Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, the KICK program is designed to educate female apprentices in the commercial and technical fields.

Helping employees combine work and family life is an important element of Volkswagen’s strategy to become the top employer and is therefore part of our corporate strategy. This is achieved by organizing meetings for employees on parental leave, implementing initiatives to ease the transition back into the workforce after parental leave, and offering information on childcare providers on the intranet. Telecommuting, flexible working hours and various part-time models also make it easier to balance job and family in the Volkswagen Group.

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