Health management and occupational safety

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Health status of manufacturing plants in the Volkswagen Group (bar chart)

The Guidelines on Health Protection and Health Promotion in the Volkswagen Group established in 1998 were revised in 2009 and their validity extended. The standards and recommendations contained in these Guidelines now form the basis for a uniform healthcare system in the Group.

Volkswagen also decided in 2009 to introduce a cross-brand Group occupational safety management system based on our occupational safety policy. This will improve the effectiveness and efficiency of occupational safety within the Group in the interests of staff and continued corporate success.

Last year, considerable advances were made in the preparations for the introduction of the Volkswagen Check-Up, a free, high-quality medical examination for all employees to give them personal information about the state of their health and fitness level. Volkswagen Check-Up will not only enable possible health risks to be identified in good time; based on the results of the check-up, every employee taking part will receive a health profile, which will help bring about a direct improvement in employees’ health and fitness.

The measures for preventive care, health promotion and rehabilitation at the Volkswagen Group were expanded in 2009. This includes the opening of a new sports and rehabilitation center at the Wolfsburg plant, where an innovative rehabilitation program will be implemented for the first time before being successively extended to other corporate locations.

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