Professional development for all employees

At Volkswagen, training is not just for young people starting their careers and university graduates. Quite the reverse: under the “Volkswagen Way” works agreement, employees, employee representatives and management have together made it their business to turn the company into a learning organization. For professional development in the vocational groups, Volkswagen Coaching GmbH offers a wide spectrum of training measures consisting of personal development programs, general seminars and courses, as well as special training measures geared towards the specific requirements of individual departments. This enables Volkswagen to ensure individualized, task-based skills development for individual employees and also provide training to the entire workforce in preparation for changes in tasks and technology.

In 2009, 49 large-scale training projects were implemented in close consultation with the specialist departments and Volkswagen Coaching GmbH. Around 10,000 employees participated in the training seminars on the objectives of the Volkswagen Way, improving product start-ups and the use of new technologies.

During 2009, a total of 54,920 employees received further training in the 7,281 seminars held by Volkswagen Coaching GmbH lasting 187,254 participant days. In the area of specialist skills development (e.g. factory automation, robotics and applications engineering), 37,928 employees were involved in 5,823 seminars covering 134,115 participant days. In the field of “crossfunctional skills development” (e.g. leadership skills and personal development), 16,992 employees attended 1,458 training courses representing 53,139 participant days. To ensure that its range of development options is kept firmly up to date, Volkswagen Coaching GmbH developed a further 333 training courses in 2009 alone, 17% of its current offering.

Training programs at international locations

One successful example of an efficient training process is the “profi room concept” implemented at the Kaluga site in Russia. Because Russia does not have comparable vocational training to Germany, and yet production in Kaluga is highly demanding in terms of quality, hands-on practical training of new hires in the production area is essential. This concept is implemented in the assembly, body shell production and painting areas of production. In conditions similar to production, employees learn all basic skills for assembling components, taking ergonomics and current Group standards into account. In this way, 544 employees were trained in less than a year.

Volkswagen of South Volkswagen of South Africa is striving to become the market leader in South Africa in 2010 as regards unit sales, quality of service and customer satisfaction with its corporate strategy “1:10:100:2010”. Five state-of-the-art training and development centers have been set up to provide appropriate staff training. These centers are located directly in the areas of Technology, Sales and Marketing, Management, Production and Commercial functions.

The Scania brand used the crisis-driven downturn in demand and the associated reduction in working hours in 2009 as an opportunity to continue training its production staff, who alternated their daily manufacturing work with special courses in production technology, production systems and mathematics, as well as English and Swedish lessons.

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