Talent groups and customized programs for university graduates

Talent groups are nurturing tomorrow’s experts today

Technical expertise is also being fostered by the talent groups for young specialists set up to provide particular assistance to vocational trainees in managing the transition from vocational training to professional work, preparing them for their future tasks and responsibilities. The young experts receive a personal development plan tailored to the individual requirements of the area in which they will be working. Talent groups have so far been formed in Wolfsburg and Salzgitter, to be followed by Braunschweig, Hanover, Kassel and Emden in winter 2009/10.

Customized programs for university graduates

The start of a person’s career shapes his entire working life, which is why Volkswagen launched the StartUp Direct program in 2008 to give young university graduates a head start in the Company. Over a two-year period, participants in the program not only familiarize themselves with their own department and the Company but also attend a large number of training seminars. These are supplemented by multiple-week placements in production and sales as well as an optional foreign placement.

University graduates with an international focus can alternatively enter the StartUp Cross program. This 18-month international trainee program includes a three-month international placement. Over 650 trainees have passed through one of these two programs since their launch in 2008.

The Student Talent Bank is Volkswagen’s staff development program for people who are still at university. It enables us to identify and build ties with talented individuals at an early stage. In the last ten years, over 1,200 young people who demonstrated outstanding abilities and dedication during a national or international placement at Volkswagen have been included in the Student Talent Bank.

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