Innovative studies point the way to the future

In addition to the multitude of series vehicles it debuted, the Volkswagen Group showcased many innovative concept vehicles and studies in 2009. We will present the most important of these in this section.

The BlueSport concept car developed by the Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand, a compact mid-engined roadster, impressed visitors at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit in January 2009. Comprising lightweight construction elements and a highly efficient clean diesel engine, the Concept BlueSport is a reflection of modern automobile manufacturing. In September 2009, the E-UP! concept car caused quite a stir at the Volkswagen Passenger Cars stand at the IAA in Frankfurt. Based on the New Small Family and powered by an electric motor, this vehicle provides one solution to the challenge of sustainable, low-emission mobility in the future. The world’s most fuel-efficient hybrid automobile, the L1, also celebrated its debut in Frankfurt. This concept car features a carbon fiber-reinforced plastic body and seats two people, one behind the other. Powered by a high-tech TDI engine and an electric motor, the L1 uses just 1.38 l of diesel per 100 km and produces only 36 g of CO2 per kilometer.

In January, Audi unveiled the Sportback concept vehicle at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit – a dynamic four-door coupé that provides a first glimpse of the Audi A7 to be launched in 2010. One of the highlights at the Audi stand at the IAA in Frankfurt was the e-tron concept car. This high-performance sports car has four electric motors with a performance of 230 kW that allow the e-tron to accelerate to 100 km/h in just 4.8 seconds, while the lithium ion battery pack gives it a range of up to 248 km. The revolutionary thermal management system considers the cooling requirements for the battery and the drive system in addition to the interior temperature.

In Frankfurt, SEAT presented its IBZ concept car, a compact estate in the brand’s typical arrow design that gives a foretaste of the SEAT Ibiza ST due for launch in 2010.

The Ideal Passenger

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